18 Jul 2022

What causes poor customer service?

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Poor customer service is a common reason that customers leave businesses as well as banks. Thankfully, there are many things that businesses can do to limit poor customer service interactions. It is not impossible to get rid of them as everyone has their own distinct personality.

People want to feel understood and to be treated with respect while in businesses and banks. When there is poor customer service in a business, it is likely because of a lack of training. There should be training for dealing with inpatient and different types of customers so that employees are not thrown off guard.

A lot of preventable poor customer service interactions also occur because of miscommunication between employees. When one department does not speak to the other about a common issue, this causes a concern as the wrong information is quickly spread throughout the business and to the customers, leading to frustration from both employees and customers.

Employees that are not treated with respect or have strong benefits can also lead to poor customer service interactions. Just like how customers want to feel respected, heard, and appreciated, so do the employees that take care of the company or bank. 

The Causes of Poor Customer Service Conclusion

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