06 Nov 2021

What Can I Buy With an SMSF?

When it comes to self-managed super funds, there are two ways you can use the funds: investing before retirement to increase your savings and withdrawing funds from your super after retirement to fund your retirement. 

Investing Using Your Self-Managed Super Fund

Using your SMSF to invest and diversify your portfolio is a great way to increase your retirement savings. You can invest in a variety of assets using your SMSF, including:

  • Australian and international shares
  • Residential or commercial property (to be used as rental property only)
  • Cash and term deposits
  • Physical commodities
  • Collectables, including art, wine, boats, etc. 
  • Fixed income products
  • Insurance policies
  • Shares in a private company

Using Your SMSF to Buy After Retirement

Once you retire or hit the age of 65, you can access your super to buy anything you want. However, in order to do so, you must withdraw the money from your super and palace it into your own personal bank account. There are two ways to withdraw your super:

  • Income Stream: an income stream is similar to a traditional payslip. You receive regular payments at a set schedule. Income streams make it easier for you to budget your income and spending. 
  • Lump Sum: a lump sum is when you choose to withdraw either part or all of your super when you need it. Lump sums do need to be declared on your tax return. 

If you have a self-managed super fund, there are a number of ways you can use it to invest in your retirement. Contact the experts at Mortgage House to learn more.

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