19 Aug 2022

What Banks Offer a 5% Deposit?

Deposits and Banks

When a potential home buyer decides to purchase a house, verifying they choose a bank that offers desired rates and services is important. A home deposit is an essential step to successfully purchasing a house. A 5% deposit requires more money to be loaned, which results in higher monthly mortgage payments. To successfully buy a house, a buyer must place a deposit based on a percentage of the total price of the property with their lender. 

A potential home buyer interested in a 5% deposit home loan may not know what banks offer this service or where to find one. No need to fear! We have completed the research for you and compiled a list below.

Bank of Melbourne


Bank Australia

IMB Bank

Regional Australia Bank


Commonwealth Bank

Bank of Queensland

Adelaide Bank

Citi Bank

Peoples Choice Credit Union

Bank of Sydney

This list is not all of the banks that offer 5% deposits, and we encourage potential buyers to contact their desired banks to inquire about their offered deposit percentages. Interested in learning more about low deposit home loans? Here is an informational article that discusses key information we think all potential buyers should know.

5% Deposit Banks Conclusion

It is very common for home buyer’s to become overwhelmed with bank choices, which is where we at Mortgage House come in! We are equipped to assist potential home buyers with any areas they may be unsure about and help owners to decide what bank is the best fit for their financial situation and desired deposit.

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