21 Jul 2022

What are the three ways of making a complaint?

Three Ways Complaint

Sadly, not all experiences are positive. If a time comes when you need to lodge a formal complaint, there are three ways you can do so. When something goes wrong with your bank, start at the easiest and simplest route, speaking directly with a banker or manager.

Sometimes, customers do not need to file an official complaint to resolve an issue. However, just talking to your bank may not be enough. If the manager does not solve the problem, file an official complaint with the bank themselves. You can do this through mail, email, or phone. Always keep a record of the initial complaint and any responses.

When neither of the options above work, speak to an official government organisation. You can always make a call, or send an email to Australia Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). Keep in mind, though, that the complaint authority is usually backed up and it can take time for them to reply. 

Even with formal complaints, some problems are not resolved. If you need to get the attention of a higher-up, using social media and reviews can put you at an advantage. Some bankers recommend sending a message through social media sites like Facebook or leaving comments on posts. 

Three Ways Complaint Conclusion

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