22 Nov 2021

What Are the Steps After Selling a House?

Selling a home is an exciting task to complete. It takes an average of two months to find a buyer. Then the home seller enters the closing period. Once the home buyer signs the contract, the home seller is on their way to shifting ownership to someone new.

After selling a house on the Australian housing market a few steps follow. Here we briefly outline them.

Settlement Period

When a home seller agrees to the offer provided by a home buyer, the settlement period begins. It lasts between 30 to 42 days, depending on the home buyer. The buyer receives the opportunity to inspect the home. Plus, their lender has the home valuation.

The home seller needs to prepare for questions and possible renegotiations to take place after a home inspection.

Move Out Day

If everything goes smoothly during the closing period, the home seller can start packing their things. Ideally, you want to move out of the day home before closing day.

Settlement Day

On the day of settlement, the home buyer agent and seller agent meet at an agreed-upon time. It’s best for legal representation for both parties to be present too. Then the correct government agencies must receive the paperwork to make the title change.

After Selling a House Conclusion

After selling a house a home seller has a few more steps to complete. Once the closing period closes and the home buyer signs the contract, the process is almost at the end.

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