23 Jul 2022

What are the most common customer complaints?

Bank with the Most Complaints

There are so many different common customer complaints that it can be hard to catch up and remember them all. While this is the case, though, there are a few that stand out. Most customers want to leave with a product or service that works as it was advertised, but it is not enough to have a functioning solution.

The most common customer complaint was bad or poor customer service. When someone experiences a bad customer experience, this can lead to them leaving the service or product behind. Right next to a bad customer experience, is long wait times. However, both of these complaints are tied together. When someone is left on hold for hours and wants a simple solution, it can be frustrating when no one answers. 

Although it is not as common as the two complaints above, most people complain to higher powers in the banking and Australian financial world when a bank or institute owes them money. Errors are understandable, but they should still be fixed as they were before.

Common Customer Complaints Conclusion

You can’t escape all customer complaints. If you have had a bad experience with a bank or financial institution, you do have the choice and the chance to stand up for yourself and speak to a manager. However, if this does not work, know that you can also call the government. Mortgage House strives to answer and reflect on all complaints as quickly as possible to provide the best service!

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