22 Sep 2022

What Are the Best SMSF Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage rates

When it comes to SMSF mortgage rates, the rates are decided upon by a lender based on the strength of an SMSF loan application and the overall SMSF funds. Varying lenders will have their own individual rates and terms and conditions, so shopping those available to you prior to applying is a great way to ensure you are getting the best deal for your financial situation. Unfortunately, not many banks in Australia still offer SMSF loans. The following are the only lenders in Australia offering SMSF home loans:

  • Mortgage House
  • La Trobe Financial
  • Switzer Home Loans
  • Reduce Home Loans
  • Liberty Financial

Applying for SMSF loans can be a tricky task without the assistance of professional lending specialists or mortgage brokers. If an application is filed incorrectly, the chance of negative financial implications is increased on the borrower’s end, therefore, it is extremely important to reach out to a professional with experience working with these loan types.

SMSF loans allow borrowers to purchase certain investments that will create and make profit in the future. A portion of the profit earned then gets placed into the SMSF retirement savings. SMSF loans are great options for someone looking to increase their wealth and prepare for retirement.

At Mortgage House, our professional lending specialists have experience with SMSF loans and are prepared to guide potential borrowers through the application process. Contact us today for more assistance with any questions or concerns about SMSF home loans you may have.

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