02 Aug 2022

What are the benefits of paying a lump sum off a mortgage? Decrease your monthly payment.

Lump Sum Mortgage Benefits

Mortgages can be expensive, but they are also a great opportunity to gain property and value. When you have a mortgage, lenders allow you to pay a lump sum off of your mortgage. When you have the funds available and saved up, it is better to make a large repayment, then only pay the established minimum. When you pay the minimum repayment on a loan, you only pay a portion of the interest. The larger the repayment, the faster you can complete your loan with the terms.

Even if you take out a 10-year mortgage, you can complete the mortgage within five years by doubling repayments monthly. There are great benefits to consider when repaying mortgages in a large lump sum. First, even if you do not want to repay the loan quickly, larger repayment values can significantly decrease the monthly repayment minimum you owe. 

Not sure how to repay your mortgage faster? Speak to your lender directly for solutions. At Mortgage House experts, you can change your repayments from monthly to fortnightly to balance the repayments and pay higher than the minimum. Paying the minimum will take you a long longer. Round up to the next 100 if you can!

Lump Sum Mortgage Benefits Conclusion

Overall, mortgages can be very expensive, but they are worth gaining. Repaying your mortgages monthly in large lump sums can decrease your principal loan by a significant amount. No longer will you have to wait ten years to repay and complete your mortgage.

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