17 Jul 2022

What are the benefits of a home loan from a non-bank?

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Although most people think that home loans can only be provided by banks, there are qualified and experienced non-bank lenders with various solutions to fit your needs. Home loans from non-bank lenders are much more flexible and provide good opportunities for applicants that qualify and don’t qualify for a bank home loan.

For instance, signing a mortgage with a non-bank lender provides better rates for individuals that qualify for a bank loan, since non-banks reward good borrowers. Non-bank lenders have more analytics and control over funding and can be flexible because they specialise in & focused on mortgages and loans, instead of bank accounts and cross selling.

Even if you do not qualify for a bank loan, whether it is because of your credit score or the deposit, non-bank lenders often have more alternative solutions that can fit your unique circumstances. Low deposit and no deposit as well as Low doc and SMSF loans are available through non-bank lenders but require more patience, time and paperwork to complete.

Interested applicants can use the tools and resources provided by non-bank lenders, like Mortgage House, to find a good amount to borrow based on weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments, best interest rates, and 100% offset interest accounts.

Non-Bank Home Loan Benefits Conclusion

Mortgage House is excited to show applicants and home loan borrowers the benefits of using their non-bank lending services. Their mortgage experts are just a call away and ready to answer questions and concerns!

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