15 Jul 2022

What are settlement fees?


Mortgage loans have a lot of fees that borrowers should pay attention to. These fees can add up, leading to confusion and frustration. Settlement fees, also known as settlement costs, are fees and additional charges that a mortgage borrower needs to pay to settle their homes.

Usually, a seller cost or settlement fee is paid to a realtor, if one helped find a home. It is a specific small percentage of the commission of the home. Settlement fees are not required for all borrowers, though. Usually, home loan borrowers pay fees such as mortgage application fees and mortgage discharge fees.

A mortgage application fee is paid at the beginning of the process with the completed mortgage application. Some banks and lenders offer waivers for low to moderate-income Australian borrowers. On the other hand, a mortgage discharge fee is a one-time payment that is completed at the end of the loan when the term agreements are met. Once the borrower pays the discharge fee, they are free from the loan and the property is theirs without the interference of a lender or bank.

Most fees are only a small percentage of the borrowed amount. Usually, less than 1% of the total borrowed amount is charged as a fee to the borrower from the lender. There are also monthly service charges that act as maintenance and security.

Settlement Fees Conclusion

Trying to understand all of the fees associated with lending and home loans can be confusing and exhausting. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, Mortgage House lenders are available to share their expertise and knowledge on the best loans. Using a mortgage lending online calculator is also free and a good way to determine an appropriate borrowing amount.

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