05 Sep 2022

Warehouse & Wholesale Funding – Non-Conforming Residential Warehouse Facility

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When researching and reviewing warehouse and wholesale funding methods, potential borrowers may come across non-conforming residential warehouse loans and question their meaning. 

A non-conforming residential warehouse facility loan is a loan that does not conform to the standard criteria for financing. Non-conforming residential warehouse facility loans are also occasionally considered specialist loans. 

A borrower may qualify for this type of loan if they identify as self-employed, have tax debt, are a non-resident, are nearing retirement, or deal with fluctuating job stability. A potential borrower searching for non-conforming warehouse loans will find that there are twelve major non-conforming lenders in Australia. 

Non-conforming loans are generally more expensive than traditional loans depending on specific loan details and application quality. Borrowers with adverse credit histories can expect to pay a higher rate than borrowers with non-impactful credit scores. 

There are countless loan types that are available through lenders that offer non-conforming loans, including:

  • Fixed loans
  • Business loans
  • Commercial construction loans
  • Low & no-document loans
  • Bad credit loans

When exploring non-conforming residential warehouse facility lenders, always look at the interest rates, entry fees, application fees, and exit fees prior to filing an application. Speaking with a mortgage broker can also benefit potential borrowers in making proper and informed loan decisions. 


If you would like to learn more about various lenders that offer non-conforming residential warehouse loans and other business loan options, reach out to our lending specialists at Mortgage House, who can give you personalized assistance and advice for your warehouse buying journey.

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