04 Sep 2022

Warehouse & Wholesale Funding – Mezzanine Funding

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Mezzanine funding allows business owners to have access to funds without proof of financial statements, tax documents, and other required documentation. This type of funding causes a business’s assets to become collateral in case of unpaid debt. 

Mezzanine funding can be used through equity or a loan and is helpful for larger projects. Mezzanine funding can assist developers in gaining the finances necessary to complete a task when they cannot acquire the required funds on their own. It is a form of hybrid debt, can be easier to gain approval for, and has flexible loan payments. 

Applying for mezzanine funding can assist business owners in completing planned projects and expansions and borrowing extra capital. Mezzanine funding allows the difference between bank funding and additional costs to be met and is an excellent option for self-employed entrepreneurs or start-up businesses. 

The application process has a relatively quick turnaround time because of the absence of necessary documents and information that traditional loans require. Short and long-term options are available through mezzanine funding.

At Mortgage House, our lender specialists can help business owners with their mezzanine funding applications and provide personalized assistance through this process. Contact us today and speak to a lender specialist about business loans and mezzanine funding!


Mezzanine funding is not the only option that business owners can explore. Business loans, wholesale funding, and warehouse funding are alternatives that you may find helpful to research. We recommend utilising our free Mortgage Borrowing Calculator to get an idea of how much you may be able to borrow.

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