05 Sep 2022

Warehouse & Wholesale Funding – Corporate Facilities

Potential borrowers looking at the warehouse and wholesale funding may need more information to understand corporate facility loans. 

A corporate facility loan is a debt-based loan between a lender and a business used to fund large expenditures and costs that the lender is otherwise unable to afford. Corporate loans are also referred to as commercial or business loans and are generally easy to apply for. 

Corporate loans have varying options to choose from and do not require collateral. Collateral is a common requirement to obtain approval for most business loans to provide extra security in case of a foreclosure, but not all. Commercial real estate mortgages are another form of a corporate loan. 

A potential borrower can benefit from working with a lending specialist or mortgage broker in identifying the best loans and rates for individual business needs while verifying that application processes are being completed properly. 

Corporate facility loans are generally regarded as convenient, easy, and flexible. We know that collateral is not required, but profit sharing also is not needed, and it offers reasonable interest rates. Corporate loans can also assist business owners in improving their business credit scores. 

Mortgage House lending specialists are prepared to assist business owners and potential borrowers with all necessary steps and requirements to obtain approval for corporate facility loans successfully. Contact us today for individualized support and recommendations. 


In conclusion, corporate facility loans are debt-based. They occur between a lender and a business to fund large expenditures and costs. Corporate facility loans are also referred to as business or commercial loans. They are regarded as easy to obtain approval for.

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