10 Dec 2021

Understanding the Property Market and Slow Price Rise

The property market in 2021 for Australia is seeing prices rise. Slow price rise is common in the property market because inflation occurs annually. Investors know that the market runs in cycles. The current cycle became a result of circumstances that impacted the economy. However, ways to hedge against the impact exist. 

For example, investors often take advantage of interest-only mortgages that keep their repayments small. Once they fix up the property or resell it, they have time to repay the home loan in full. If they acquire a tenant, their rent often covers the mortgage and additional overhead costs.

For individuals seeking to become homeowners, sometimes it’s necessary to find creative solutions. Although prices across the Australian property market have risen more than slowly, it’s still possible to find good deals.

If finding your dream home becomes a challenge, it’s worth looking into a starter home. The housing market always fixes itself. The Reserve Bank of Australia attempts to fix it, but sometimes it needs a hands-off approach. Once a market correction occurs, many homeowners will find that they built home equity in their starter homes. They can leverage it to purchase their dream home and hang onto the starter one. The starter property can easily turn into a rental. 

Mortgage House helps all homebuyers obtain the best financing for their financial circumstances. 

Slow Price Rise Conclusion

Slow price rise affects the property market in Australia mostly in the form of inflation. The state of the market in 2021 as it approaches 2022 is uncertain. However, Mortgage House helps clients become homeowners in all market conditions with mortgage choice. For more information, contact our loan specialist team.

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