24 Dec 2021

Through Mortgage House, Experienced Customers Complete the Leg Work Online

Every company aims to obtain repeat business from loyal customers. Experienced customers offer several benefits. They have already experienced the loan application process. Moreover, they passed it. Customers who return to obtain a new loan product deserve attention and an application process that respects their time.

Mortgage House offers both. Plus, we pass on the benefits to our branch partners. 

Branches who capture return clients will find that experienced customers do the work. This allows your loan specialists to process more loans faster. Your team receives access to our tools that integrate lenders’ ratios such as buffering, HEM, and loan to value.

The experienced customer uploads the financial documentation to their account online. They fill out their application and hit complete when they’re ready. Your team receives a notification. The bulk of the work is done. It’s up to you to have your loan specialists process the information. If anything is missing, it’s an easy phone call to the customer. Nonetheless, the leg work is completed by the applicant.

Based on their applicant’s financial situation, it’s easy to match them with the appropriate products, even a Mortgage House car loan. Since your team can take care of the experienced customers quickly, it leaves them time to seek new business too. 

Experienced Customers Do the Work Conclusion

Mortgage House shares its success and proprietary tools with its branch partners. They’ll find that they can process more loans faster because experienced customers do the work. It’s up to them to match the applicant with the best product. 

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