25 Dec 2021

The Mortgage House Innovative Online Application Makes Owning a Second Home Smoother

Mortgage House opened its doors in 1986. As a non-bank lender, our team has remained at the forefront of innovation. Our forward-thinking mindset has allowed our lending institution to weather the fluctuations of the Australian real estate market.

Among our tools is the innovative online application. Experienced home buyers can fill out an online application in 15 minutes. Simply gather the relevant paperwork and fill in the blanks. 

It’s normal for the process to take longer than 15 minutes. Even experienced homebuyers must upload their financial documentation such as bank statements and payslips. If an outstanding mortgage still exists, it’s important to upload the relevant documentation too.

We ask our clients to upload their documents and fill out the appropriate fields. Once you submit the information, it routes directly to our loan specialists. The information allows them to start researching loan options. They evaluate your financial circumstances and your reason for seeking a new loan.

If they have questions or believe that something is missing, the team contacts you promptly. 

They cover your mortgage choice options. The loan specialist team also discusses potential loan terms including interest rates. Veteran borrowers can expect the process to run smoothly and swiftly. Your experienced status means that you built equity in your home and yourself. 

Mortgage House Innovative Online Application Conclusion

Mortgage House has remained at the forefront of innovations in the lending industry. Our innovative online application makes it easy to apply for a second home mortgage. If you have questions, our loan specialists remain at your disposal.

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