07 Jan 2023

Streamlined Documentation Across Product Offering

Financial Documentation and Requests from Lenders

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Well-Known & Established Mortgage Company?

Joining a well-known and established mortgage company can be a rewarding decision for mortgage lenders to make regarding their career paths. When mortgage lenders become accredited Mortgage House branches, they have access to numerous benefits and advantages, including access to streamlined documentation across product offerings. 

Having access to streamlined documentation across our loan product offerings allows our professionals to speed up the loan application process while saving time and resources. Our proprietary online tools and resources are available to all Mortgage House branches, making business easy and stress-free. 

Some of the other various benefits that Mortgage House accredited branches have the potential of receiving are as follows:

  • Giving customers access to creative debt consolidation options
  • Fair calculation of household expenses and realising qualifying criteria
  • On-call support and easy email support
  • Solutions for customers with challenging financial histories
  • Borrowing considerations for customers who are niche investors
  • Inbuilt credit history search and online loan applications
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