31 May 2022

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Calculator

Before we can dive into how to use a stamp duty calculator, it is good to know what stamp duty is. Well, stamp duty is the fees collected by the Australian government depending on the home value as well as the surrounding area.

Stamp duties can be tricky in Australia because of how many states there are. Since each state has their own requirements, it is important that you check the laws and regulations on your government’s website, as they have the authority for stamp duty rates.

When using a stamp duty calculator, you will need key pieces of information, such as the property value as determined by that year as well as the state/region. Some online free stamp duty calculators ask for the type of property, such as residence or investment. Although stamp duty calculators are a great way to find an estimate, they are not foolproof. Instead, it is best to call one of our Mortgage House lending specialists so they can best assist you. Some states will lower the stamp duties based on property values and global events, which cannot be in an online stamp duty calculator.

Stamp Duty Calculator Conclusion

All in all, if you are looking to plan ahead and put money aside for your government fees, it is best to use all the resources available. There are dozens of free online Australian stamp duty calculators that you can choose from. Mortgage House lending experts are happy to assist and can clarify any questions and concerns about the yearly stamp duty according to each region/state.

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