23 Oct 2021

Specialised Tools for Registered Branches

At Mortgage House, we know we are only as good as our weakest branch. If you are one of our registered branches, we make sure you have access to the tools our in-house lending specialists use every day as well as access to our selection of competitive loan products, so you can make sure your clients get the best products available. 

One of the specialized tools our registered branches have access to is our proprietary software. This software allows you to analyse every loan application efficiently and quickly. While analyzing the application, the software also helps you find the perfect home loan product for the client. By performing an in-depth analysis of the application, it compares all the possible loans while finding what subtle characteristics of each loan make it the perfect fit for your client. 

Best of all, the entire process, from application to comparison, is online. Our online system is completely secure and saves both you and your clients time. We have over 35 years of experience in the home loan industry, and in that time, we have continued to develop new loan products to fit our customers’ evolving needs. 

We have also developed new tools and processes to stay ahead of the competition. As a registered branch, you will have access to all these specialized tools, processes, and data. With online banking features allowing clients to make payments, check the status of their loan applications, and make adjustments, we want to make the experience of both our customers and our branches as seamless and simple as possible. 

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