07 Mar 2022

SMSF: The Basics


The Australian government understands that it’s in its best interest to help the public fund their retirements. It also sets down several regulations to ensure that the public receives a fair opportunity to maximise their retirement investments. One investment vehicle that exists is the self-managed super fund, or SMSF. Individuals form these funds with up to three others. Then, they manage it.

Real estate continuously shows that it remains the best investment vehicle. In down economies, it acts as a hedge against inflation and rising interest rates. When the economy flourishes, real estate appreciates with it.

Those who set up and participate in an SMSF can invest in real estate. They can also issue loans to themselves and use the funds to purchase property. To issue the loans, individuals do need to go through financial institutions such as banks. Non-bank lenders can help finance these purchases too. For example, Mortgage House works with professional investors and those investments for retirement. 

With SMSF investments, it’s also important to work within the guidelines outlined by the governing bodies. Since it’s an investment, individuals can lose the funds. Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Thus, we remain an innovator in the lending market. Our team has the tools to provide competitive loan terms that put individuals on the path toward financial success. 

When you’re ready to refinance your home loan, give us a call too.

SMSF Conclusion

To find out more about investing in real estate through an SMSF, contact our loan specialists at Mortgage House. Our team has the knowledge to walk you through the process.

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