21 Sep 2022

SMSF Mortgage – SMSF Investor Loans


When researching SMSF mortgages, potential borrowers may wonder about SMSF investor loans. SMSF stands for self-managed super fund, which is a superannuation fund where super contributions are paid into, allowing the fund owner to become a trustee and control the fund. Self managed super funds are great options for investors looking to create wealth and prepare for retirement. SMSF investor loans allow borrowers to use the loaned funds to purchase an investment property that will produce income in the future. An SMSF only loans money if there is a clear strategy detailed in the investment strategy statement and trust deed.

There are many different types of SMSF investor loans, so doing your research and comparing the various lenders terms, conditions, and costs is the best way to ensure you are getting the best deal available to you. SMSF loans allow income from an investment property to fund part of the fund’s retirement savings.

SMSF investor loans can be extremely difficult to properly handle on your own, and lenders are not offering these loans as often as in the past. It is best to contact a mortgage broker or lending specialist with experience handling SMSF investor loans so they can properly guide you through the process and ensure everything is completed correctly. 

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender that works with investment and retirement professionals. Call to speak with our professional lending specialists about the various investment loans we offer and apply today!

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