24 Dec 2021

Receive Faster Approvals with Competitive Prime Loans through Mortgage House

Loan applicants who fall into the prime category have a credit score of 670 and up. These candidates have creditworthiness on their side. Individuals who have a credit score of 740 and up fall into the super-prime category in the eyes of many lenders. 

Mortgage House has kept its doors open since 1986 because it competes with banks, credit unions, and lending societies. We offer competitive prime loans and faster approval times. 

When a prime candidate receives approval for loan terms from a bank, Mortgage House can match it and improve on it. Plus, we use proprietary tools to evaluate applications promptly. 

Most prime loan candidates have financial savviness. Therefore, they enjoy using our online Mortgage House tools such as our car loan calculator. In addition, we have a secure system that allows applicants to apply online. Upload your financial documentation at your leisure. Plus, complete the application on your schedule.

Save the portions you completed and fill out the rest when you’re ready. Once the application is complete, our loan specialists have the information they need to match you with the best loan products. This includes competitive prime loans.

Mortgage House also offers competitive loan terms to subprime borrowers, investors, and builders. To start the process, upload your application or speak with a loan specialist directly. They’re available to answer your questions and make loan product suggestions. 

Mortgage House Competitive Prime Loans Conclusion

Individuals interested in applying for our Mortgage House competitive prime loans can contact our loan specialists. Start your application online or speak with our team today.

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