28 Dec 2022

Prime Loans With One of the Best Competitive Rates in the Industry

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What are the Benefits of Joining a Well-Known & Established Mortgage Company?

One of the benefits of a branch joining a well-known and established mortgage company is gaining access to prime loans with one of the best competitive rates in the industry. Mortgage House is an award-winning lending specialist offering branch solutions made easy. 

Branches can leverage our solutions for first-home buyers to allow more customers to be moved from loan application to approval with loan features that are designed to assist first-home buyers in owning their homes sooner. 

Benefits for Branches

  • Providing smarter options with considerations for pre-tax income
  • Access to faster combination applications for family pledge home loans, giving branches access to two customers at once
  • The ability to process more home loans with confidence that solutions for customers will always be found

Benefits for Customers

  • Clever buying capacities through pre-tax income considerations
  • Smart loan options, including family pledge loans
  • Low-deposit home loan options to allow customers to purchase their homes sooner

Mortgage House offers a wide variety of loans that cater to a wide variety of customers because every customer is different. When a customer applies for a loan product with us, we consider each application carefully in order to successfully provide the best solution available. The wide variety of loans that we offer includes first-home buyer loans, second-home buyer loans, investor loans, refinance loans, construction loans, renovation loans, relocation loans, and self-employed loans. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Mortgage House branch, you can complete the process on the Mortgage House website by pre-registering, completing accreditation, and unlocking solutions.

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