16 Mar 2022

PEXA: How Does It Work?

PEXA Services

Launched in 2010, Property Exchange Australia helps make real estate transactions more efficient online. Plus, the platform reduces the amount of paper used for these transactions. Like Mortgage House, PEXA brought innovation to the Australian housing market. Mortgage House remains an innovator in the lending market. As a non-bank lender, we made the application process more efficient. Our loan specialists have tools to evaluate applications quickly. Plus, they find innovative loan terms for most homebuyers.

Individuals who subscribe to the PEXA platform will find several PEXA services. They separate the services by role in the transaction. For example, buyers and sellers have their sections.  Lawyers, financial institutions, and property developers have sections too. The platform allows each entity to track the progress of the transaction. It also provides a workflow to optimise the process. 

Mortgage House provides the same services for homebuyers during the application process. Our customers can create an account online. It allows them to pay their mortgages, track their repayment progress, and link offset accounts to the home loans. The move to online services makes real estate transactions a seamless experience for those involved. 

We also provide online tools that help our clients prepare for the application. Plus, our loan specialists have tools that allow them to work with owner-occupiers and investors. 

PEXA Services Conclusion

PEXA remains an innovator in the real estate space. The PEXA services remain many. Mortgage House also brings innovation to the market. Homebuyers interested in financing their home purchase can contact our loan specialists today.

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