16 Mar 2022

PEXA Fees: Why Do I Have to Pay Them?

PEXA Fees for Services

The Property Exchange Australia platform continues gaining interest from individuals involved in real estate transactions. The platform operates on a subscriber basis. However, it does not charge a signup fee or an ongoing membership fee. Instead, users incur PEXA fees for services when they complete transactions. For example, transferring the title paperwork incurs one cost. Transfers of interest incur another.

The fees cover verification checks, electronic disbursement of funds, and secure digital signature technology. Keep in mind that the platform seeks to automate real estate transactions. Through their workflow, it makes them more efficient. 

Mortgage House operates similarly. As a non-bank lender, Mortgage House always sought to bring innovation to the lending industry. We use several proprietary tools to help our loan specialists evaluate applications more quickly. Then, they have another set of tools to help them find the best loan terms for most financial situations and goals. 

The innovation brought by PEXA and Mortgage House moves to automate several real estate transactions. Technology reduces paperwork needed and the need for repetitive tasks. All transactions incur fees to cover the administrative costs that take place behind the scenes. However, for mortgages, it’s possible to waive several. For example, Mortgage House offers a no-fee home loan.

PEXA Fees for Services Conclusion

The PEXA fees cover the administrative costs incurred for completing the real estate transactions. The fees resemble those homebuyers incur during the mortgage application process. Mortgage House offers a no-fee home loan. For more information, contact our loan specialists today.

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