15 Mar 2022

PEXA Fees: Who Pays Them?


In 2010, a group of entrepreneurs launched the Property Exchange Australia platform. PEXA became a result of the Australian government’s efforts to reduce the use of paper. The online platform impacts transactions in the real estate industry. These transactions include stacks of paperwork. The group found that several steps in the process could take place online. The platform does charge fees.

Mortgage House briefly outlines some PEXA fees that users will encounter.

To use the PEXA platform, individuals involved in real estate transactions such as lawyers, conveyancers, and financial institutions must register. The platform uses subscriptions. However, it does not charge a fee for membership. Instead, it charges fees per successful transaction. Fees vary. The ones that incur fees are:

  • Title transfers
  • Discharge of mortgage
  • Transfer of interest
  • Lease with settlement

The online platform maintains a pricing sheet and it keeps it up to date. Thus, you can find the pricing information as needed before the transaction takes place. 

Mortgage House customers enjoy the same transparency when obtaining a home loan. Our loan specialists cover the important details as the application process moves forward. Plus, we provide several online resources to help homebuyers prepare for the application including our Mortgage House home loan calculator.

PEXA Fees Conclusion

Like PEXA, Mortgage House remains an innovator in the real estate industry. Mortgage House places on innovating in the lending market; PEXA helps parties complete transactions including settlements. The PEXA fees depend on each transaction; the same is true for Mortgage House transactions. To start your mortgage application, contact our loan specialists.

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