16 Mar 2022

PEXA Costs: How Much Do I Pay?

PEXA Money Transfers

Using the Property Exchange Australia platform helps make real estate transactions more efficient. The PEXA project was launched in 2010 as a response to the Australian government’s initiative to reduce the use of paper. Real estate transactions accumulate several stacks of paper. Homeowners know this well. When they applied for their home loan, they turned in and filled out several documents. 

More individuals have become comfortable with completing transactions through PEXA online. One cause for concern is the transfer of funds from home buyers to home sellers. PEXA money transfers remain a seamless transaction for all parties. The movement of money is similar to online banking and online payments. Each entity enters the correct banking information. The workflow in the process ensures that all parties complete the necessary steps. Once everything receives certification, the funds move digitally.

Mortgage House is also an innovator in the real estate space. As a non-bank lender, we brought innovation to the lending realm since 1986 when we opened our first operation. 

We provide several online resources to our clients. In addition, they can apply for a mortgage online. Plus, they can make their repayments online too. 

You can try our mortgage calculator online for free.

PEXA Money Transfers Conclusion

As online platforms become more common in real estate transactions, individuals who use the PEXA platform can have confidence in PEXA money transfers. When each member involved in the transaction provides the correct banking information, the money will transfer accordingly. Mortgage House ensures the same when customers repay their home loans. To explore your options, contact our loan specialists today.

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