24 Oct 2021

Ordering Valuation for Less Work and More Business

Technology has the ability to make a lot of the home loan application and actual purchasing process easier on both borrowers and lenders. At Mortgage House, we are committed to using technology to do just that. We allow borrowers to submit an online application, manage their loan account online, and make basic modifications to the application and the finalized loan all through our online portal. 

We also make it easier for customers and our employees to order a property valuation. This decreases the amount of time, effort, and work both parties put into the valuation process, while also makes us more desirable to do business with. 

Home valuations are an important part of the application process. Without a thorough valuation, we risk not loaning enough to our customers to fund the purchase of their homes. By being able to order a valuation online, we can help speed up the approval process. 

In addition, if the valuation is lower than expected, we are notified right away, allowing us to sit down with you and quickly figure out our next steps so you don’t miss out on the home you want. 

When we request a valuation on your property using your home loan application, our software syncs this information with all our other apps. In addition, all the information we gather about your application and from your valuation stays in your online file, for easy access when we need it. 

At Mortgage House, we want to make the home loan application process simple. Our online portal makes it simple for you to request a property valuation at any time for any reason. Contact us today to find out more.

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