17 May 2022

Open Pay Account: How Do I Close It?

open pay account

In 2022, several online tools help make banking and managing financing easier. You can also apply for a mortgage online through Mortgage House. Among the online tools available to Australians is the Open Pay Account platform. In some ways, the account acts as a debt instrument. When you complete an online purchase, the platform allows you to complete the transaction. Then, users can spread out the purchase price over a few payments. More importantly, the platform does not charge users any interest.

When users change their minds about the platform and seek to close it, they can. Users can close it at any time. Navigate to the appropriate page and fill out the contact form. You’ll request the platform to close the account. Give the team a few business days to process the request. When they complete it, you’ll hear back from them via email. Therefore, ensure that you provide the correct address.

Open Pay does reiterate that once they close the account, it remains closed forever. 

Australians who enjoy completing financial transactions online will enjoy the resources that Mortgage House provides. For example, if you find yourself in the market for a vehicle and need financing, check out our Mortgage House online car loan calculator for free and with no strings attached.  

Close Open Pay Account Australia

The process to close an Open Pay Account is fairly simple. Those who enjoy managing their finances online can also apply for a mortgage online through Mortgage House. For additional guidance, contact our lending specialists today.

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