23 Oct 2021

Online Application Filled by the Customers, Saving Paperwork

The home loan application process can be complicated. At Mortgage House, we want to make the application process as simple and streamlined as possible, which is why we offer a fully online home loan application. 

Our online home loan application is one hundred percent secure and can be completed in one sitting. If you can’t complete it in one sitting, simply save it, and finish it later. In addition, upon completion of the application, it can be submitted and reviewed through our secure online system. If information is incorrect or missing, you don’t have to fill out a brand new application. Just reenter your client portal, update the section with the correct information, and resubmit. 

This saves both our customers and our employees time on paperwork. Not only can each of our departments, including the underwriter and the lending specialist, see the application through our secure portal, but they don’t have to photocopy each page of the application they need. 

Another way our application saves time on paperwork is by making it easier to compare home loan products. Our online software allows our employees to analyze each application as it is submitted through our portal while our software uses the information in the application to find suitable home loan solutions for each client. 

Online applications save time and paperwork. Our secure systems help streamline the entire home loan process, organizing the information from each application, and sending each department the information it needs to find the best home loan solution. Get started with your home loan application today, and allow our online application to save you time and providing our loan specialists with the information they need to find the perfect product for you. 

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