11 Dec 2021

Non-Bank Lender Benefits: What to Consider

A homebuyer who intends to finance their purchase with a mortgage can borrow from banks, credit unions, and non-bank lenders. Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Thanks to our status, we have the freedom to lend different types of mortgages to applicants from different walks of life. For example, small business owners and freelancers can become homeowners with a low doc loan.

Non-bank lender benefits include capitalising on mortgage choice offers received by a bank.

Banks maintain strict lending standards. Since they remain large and service millions of customers, they cannot issue bad loans. Thus some individuals miss qualifying for a mortgage. If you cannot obtain a home loan from a bank, contact a non-bank lender. We can run the numbers again and find a solution.

Let’s say that you do qualify for a bank home loan. If you bring your offer to Mortgage House, we find a way to improve on the loan terms.

When things go well and you make all your repayments as scheduled, it’s still possible to shop for better loan terms. Homeowners who refinance their mortgage can switch lenders. Mortgage House works with new homeowners. We also work with homeowners who want to switch their home loans to our financial institution. 

Thanks to our proprietary tools, we can find opportunities to save money on new and existing mortgages. 

Non-Bank Lender Benefits Conclusion

There are several non-bank lender benefits to reap when you borrow from Mortgage House. Our loan specialists answer your questions and walk you through the benefits.

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