10 Mar 2022

Negatively Geared Investment: Why Purchase It?

Negatively Geared Investment

It takes four months to three years for a real estate investment property to become profitable. The state of the home at the starting point determines the timeline. Homes that simply require a new owner or tenant, can become profitable quickly such as foreclosures. Some properties require an overhaul. Other properties start from scratch. Thus, they take longer to turn a profit.

Sometimes investors take on properties that they know will not turn a profit within a year. They acquire them and make them a negatively geared investment. Investors take a loss on the property for a year or two. The strategy helps them lower their taxable income. Even though their portfolio is netting them a profit. Once property that turns in a loss makes a difference when the tax bill arrives.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Our business is to finance home loans for first-time homebuyers, second-home buyers, and investors. We also work with small business owners, gig workers, and independent contractors. 

Several investors enjoy the interest-only home loan from Mortgage House; it keeps their overhead costs low for five to 10 years. Investors can have confidence that our loan specialists will present several mortgage choice options. They have the tools to find loan products that match the goals of investors. 

Negatively Geared Investment Conclusion

Sometimes investors search for a negatively geared investment to help lower their tax bill. Mortgage House doesn’t provide accounting advise. Instead, we help real estate investors fund their purchases. To explore your options, contact our loan specialists today.

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