13 Oct 2021

Multiple Dwellings Per Title Available

Multiple Dwellings

In Australia, there are many different property types you can receive a home loan for. One of the harder types to secure a home loan for are multiple dwellings on a single title. These are harder to be approved for because of low demand and fluctuating market value. Luckily, Mortgage House offers a few different loan options if you are purchasing a multiple dwelling per title property. 

Most Common Examples of Mutiple Dwellings on the Same Title

The most common examples of this property type are dual occupancy homes, duplexes, and granny flats. Usually, the titleholder lives in one of the dwellings while they rent out the others. However, in some instances, all the units may be rented out.

  • Dual-occupancy homes: these are two separate dwellings that are not connected to each other. 
  • Duplexes: these are two dwellings that share a common wall. They can also be a single house that has been divided into separate units.
  • Granny flats: these are similar to dual-occupancy homes. However, instead of being rented out, they are used by older family members or guests. Granny flats are either a smaller unit separated from the home, or they are within the home but have a separate entrance and exit.

Our Loan Offerings

While multiple dwellings on a single title are considered high-risk by most lenders, we offer a few loan options. In addition, our interest rates are more competitive and we approve loans with a higher LVR than traditional lenders. We may be able to approve you to borrow 95% of the property value.

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