05 Dec 2021

Multiple Dwellings on a Single Title: 3 Benefits

The Australian housing market has several real estate opportunities. It’s possible to purchase multiple dwellings on a single title to live in or to invest in. Mortgage House works with homebuyers and investors. We aim to help you meet your financial and real estate goals.

When you opt to finance this property type, it’s important to understand how the lender assesses it. Lenders understand why it’s an attractive option. Non-bank lenders like Mortgage House know that it provides three benefits.

Dual Income

If you invest in this property type, you obtain two homes for almost the price of one. This equals two separate streams of income. Some homebuyers opt to purchase multiple dwellings. If it’s a duplex, they live in one and rent out the other. In some cases, the income from the second dwelling covers all or a good portion of the mortgage.

One Set of Fees

Since you’re purchasing multiple dwellings on one title, you only face one set of fees. This lessens your overhead costs and saves you money. It also means that you have less paperwork to organise, sign, and store. 

Tax Benefits

In addition, multiple dwellings on one title offer attractive tax benefits. To ensure that you maximise your tax benefits, speak with an accountant who specialises in this area.

Multiple Dwellings on a Single Title Conclusion

Homebuyers and investors interested in obtaining financing to purchase multiple dwellings on a single title can contact Mortgage House. Our loan specialists have the tools to explore your options with you.

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