13 Mar 2022

Mortgage: The Right One for Most Financial Circumstances Exists

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As prices for Australian homes continue rising, some Australians find it difficult to qualify for a conventional mortgage. Lenders made several adjustments after the housing and interest rate crisis of the early 2000s. Several lenders adopted variations of the conventional home loan. The new variations take into account that some homebuyers cannot provide full financial documentation. Others cannot provide a 20% deposit. 

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. We differ from banks. Our operation focuses on servicing loan products including our business loan. Since we do not service savings accounts and deposits, we can lend to homebuyers who cannot provide full financial documentation or a 20% deposit.

In addition, we offer several tools and resources to our clients. We provide several online calculators to help homebuyers prepare for the mortgage application process. Then, we ensure that our clients understand our lender ratios and rates. The interest rate is one component of a home loan. Sometimes we offer homebuyers introductory rates. This helps them get their finances for the first year. The period can last to the tenth year. Once it expires, the interest rate changes and becomes the reverting rate. The reverting rate is tied to the standard variable rate.

To see how the reverting rate impacts the total mortgage, homebuyers can explore each loans’ comparison rate. It takes into account upfront and closing fees.

Finding the Right Mortgage through Mortgage House Conclusion

Australians have found that qualifying for a conventional mortgage has become more difficult. Mortgage House issues an array of home loans. Most of our loans help homebuyers in different financial circumstances become homeowners. Contact our loan specialists to explore your options today.

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