25 Feb 2021

Mortgage Repayment Calculator: Three Things You Should Know

Mortgage Repayment Calculator: Three Things You Should Know



The first-time home buyer and the experienced home buyer can accomplish their real estate goals on a level field. Thanks to technology and information, either buyer can make informed decisions before submitting a mortgage application. The tools include the mortgage repayment calculator.

What is the Mortgage Repayment Calculator?

Qualifying for a mortgage is half the battle. Paying the home loan off on-time is the other. Once you settle into your new monthly payments and the house, examine your loan for your information. Many lenders allow borrowers to pay the mortgage off early, which results in a nice savings. You can start this exploration by inputting the home loan’s terms into a mortgage repayment calculator.

Understanding how a monthly mortgage payment is constructed is important. In other words, how much goes toward the principal? Then, how much goes toward interest? Lenders make their money off the interest payment. It is their fee for lending you the funds. You may be able to pay off your mortgage early without penalty. Contact the lender to find out first.

The calculator helps those beginning the home buying process, too. It allows you to gain realistic expectations. You can also see how the monthly payment changes based on different inputs to gain a clearer picture. Plus, it shows the user how much needs to be borrowed for a given property. Next, the calculator shows the amount that can be borrowed based on the individual’s financial circumstances.

There are three elements for the calculator including the repayment amount, components of the mortgage and total interest. Here is what you need to know about each element.

ments into quarters, fortnight and weekly for a different perspective. Everyone’s financial situation is a little different. Some homeowners need to visualize how much they need to set aside by week. Others are comfortable dividing up the sum into bigger chunks like quarters.


Repayment Components

Your total monthly payment consists of two components – principal and interest. The larger the principal, the larger the interest payment. As the principal shrinks, so does the interest due because the interest depends on the principal. Homeowners who make an effort to send in an extra payment toward the principal save some money. The calculator helps you play around with those numbers.


Total Interest

The total interest is the amount paid over the life of the mortgage on top of the principal. The median home prices in Australia range from $462,000 in Perth to $986,000 in Sydney for the year 2020. If you borrow $500,000 to purchase a home in Adelaide, $500,000 is the principal amount. At 4% over 30 years, the interest will raise the total mortgage total to $860,000. The monthly payment comes in at just under $2,400.


Mortgage Repayment Calculator Conclusion

To learn more about our mortgage repayment calculator and other home loan options, our team is here to help.

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