20 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Works with Clever Policy Considerations and Flexible Solutions

Homebuyers who employ clever policy considerations to purchase a home as an owner-occupier or investor are searching for flexible solutions. Mortgage House works with several client types including first-time, second home, and construction. 

Individuals who cannot place a 20% down payment toward their home purchase have options. In addition, small business owners, gig workers, and freelancers have mortgage options too. As the gig economy continues to expand, non-traditional workers increase. However, they find out that they lack the documentation to apply for a home loan.

For homebuyers who cannot provide full documentation, non-bank lenders like Mortgage House offer the low doc loan as a flexible solution. 

We understand that investors aim to keep their overhead costs low. Therefore, they benefit from the interest-only mortgage. It cuts the initial repayment by one-third in most cases. Savvy investors use those savings toward fixing the property, marketing it, and leasing it. 

Clever considerations include superannuation and salary sacrifice. Your employer transfers a designated amount of your pre-tax income into an account. For superannuation, the account turns into a self-managed super fund that the holder can invest in a property. 

To discuss your home loan options, our Mortgage House loan specialists remain available to you.

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Clever Policy Considerations Conclusion

It’s in the best interest of the Australian government to help its citizens become homeowners. Thus, they allow clever policy considerations such as superannuation and salary sacrifice. Once you set up your considerations, Mortgage House helps you find the best home loan. Contact our loan specialists to start the process.

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