22 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Provides Streamlined Documentation Across Product Offerings

Among the several benefits Mortgage House clients enjoy is streamlined documentation when applying for a loan. We outline those benefits for you.

Upload Financial Documents at Your Leisure

Most home buyers and loan applicants benefit from examining their finances before submitting their applications. For example, we make our home loan calculator available to all for free online. It helps you understand your borrowing power. 

Once you’re comfortable with your borrowing position, upload your financial documents at your leisure. It takes time to gather your bank statements, payslips, and other supporting documentation.

Save Your Application and Finish Later

As you gather your financial documents, you can save your application and finish it later. Everything remains securely stored online, in your account. When you’re ready to pick it up again, log in and start where you left off. 

Loan Specialists Remain at Your Disposal

A loan application asks several questions. It also requires several documents. If you find yourself at any point, our Mortgage House loan specialists remain at your disposal. You don’t go through the process alone. 

Moreover, individuals who are not comfortable completing the loan application online can opt to submit it in person. This is an option that we offer to our experienced customers. Our investing and second homeowner clients aim to get through the application process promptly. Thus, we offer them this option. 

Streamlined Documentation Conclusion

Streamlined documentation means that you can work on your home loan application at your leisure. When you need guidance, our Mortgage House loan specialists remain at your disposal. 

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