21 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Offers Super Low Rates with Large Borrowing Capacity

The year 2020 caused a lot of havoc in the housing market. Australian average and median home prices rose dramatically. The median price rose to $600,000. In some areas, it reaches $1 million.

Higher housing prices mean that homebuyers require a higher borrowing capacity. Individuals who become investors, owner-builders, or second homeowners require a large borrowing capacity.

It’s possible to borrow financing that reaches $1 million. But it requires careful consideration from the lender. Banks maintain a conservative approach to lending; they have to. Banks are responsible for millions of customers who bank with them, not just take out loans.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. We have customers who complete some banking activities with us. Mostly, we help them finance their financial goals. This means working with those who need to borrow more than the average client.

To show our appreciation to our large borrowing customers, we also offer them super-low interest rates. Our proprietary tools allow our loan specialists to find suitable products for each applicant. Plus, we couple it with interest rates that make the borrowing affordable. 

You can enjoy these benefits and tailored niche solutions by becoming an Advantage Series customer. It gives you access to various Mortgage House loan products and a streamlined application process. Plus, you receive access to our free online calculators including the mortgage calculator.

Large Borrowing Capacity Conclusion

Mortgage House works with individuals who require a large borrowing capacity. In addition, we offer super-low interest rates. To start the process, contact our loan specialists. They’re ready to start the process.

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