22 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Offers Great Flexibility for Niche Solutions

The days of one-size-fits-all continue to fade away in all aspects of life. For example, doctors acknowledge that each patient requires a personalised treatment plan. The days of treating similar symptoms, in the same manner, have practically disappeared. It’s the same for home loans and even business loans.

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender that offers flexibility for niche solutions. Our loan specialists understand that first-time homebuyers have a more difficult time saving for their mortgage deposit promptly. It takes them longer. Therefore, they delay homeownership and the opportunity to build wealth through real estate.

Investors own an estimated 10% of Australian housing units. The number continues to increase. Investors are an important part of the housing market. They help maintain properties at a private level. It’s fewer funds that the government has to budget for annually. Instead, the funds go toward public services. Therefore, investors require flexibility and niche funding solutions. 

At Mortgage House, we offer interest-only loans that provide low repayments for one to five years. We also offer fixed-rate special mortgages and attractive introductory rates.

For individuals, we provide relocation, renovation, and construction loans. Each offers the borrower an advantage that benefits the budget. When you speak with our loan specialists, they provide additional information.

Flexibility for Niche Solutions Conclusion

Mortgage House ranks among the best that offer flexibility for niche solutions. Our loan specialists use our proprietary tools to evaluate applications efficiently. Then they search for loan products that fit the applicant’s financial circumstances. Start your loan application with us today.

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