20 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Offers Competitive Rates and Even Faster Approvals

As technology enters all facets of a person’s life, companies have adopted it too. Mortgage House takes pride in the fact that we’ve always been at the forefront of these changes. 

First, Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Our business structure allows us to offer variations of the traditional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. For example, we offer introductory interest rates, interest-only home loans, and variable rate mortgages.

We also offer faster approvals and competitive home loan interest rates.

Thanks to our proprietary tools, our loan specialists process applications faster. In addition, our online calculators help homebuyers understand their financial position before applying. When they apply, they have preparation on their side.

Our proprietary tools integrate several lenders’ ratios such as loan to value, household expenditure, and buffering.  

Once our loan specialists understand the homebuyer’s financial position, they start searching for appropriate loan products. Based on those products, they can determine the best interest rate.

Mortgage House competes with banks, credit unions, and lending societies. Those who do not receive a mortgage from a bank can receive one from Mortgage House. If a bank does offer you a loan, Mortgage House can compete against their loan terms. 

Those who cannot provide full financial documentation can opt for a low-doc loan. Plus, investors benefit from interest-only home loans. 

Faster Approvals and Competitive Rates Conclusion

Since 1986, non-bank lender Mortgage House has improved its loan approval process. We offer faster approvals and competitive rates. Speak with our loan specialists to find out your borrowing possibilities.

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