25 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Offers Award-Winning Service and Faster Approvals for Experienced Borrowers

Experienced mortgage borrowers fall into several categories. Second-home buyers and investors are two. After going through the process successfully one time, the borrower builds financial credibility with lenders. It helps them skip ahead in the line. 

Mortgage House accomplishes faster approvals for experienced borrowers through two methods. The applicant has the freedom to complete their application online. Then our loan specialists match the applicant’s financial goals with the best products and terms.

We understand that experienced borrowers have been there and done that in the Australian housing market. Those who have built equity in their home expect their second round to move swiftly. 

We offer an online application process that caters to experienced home buyers. Gather your updated financial documents and upload them to your online application account. Fill out the corresponding application. If you don’t finish the application in one sitting, that’s OK. Save it and pick it back up when you’re ready. Sometimes you need to find a document you didn’t realise that you needed. 

Mortgage House’s online application is secure. Plus, it’s private. Our loan specialists don’t see the information until you submit it. 

Once they receive the completed application, they begin the evaluation and matching process. They contact you promptly and begin narrowing down your options. 

Faster Approvals for Experienced Borrowers Conclusion

Mortgage House provides faster approvals for experienced borrowers. Our loan specialists receive the preparation that allows them to pick the best products for veteran clients. If you’re interested in investing or acquiring a vacation home, we can help. 

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