25 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Helps Second Home Buyers Buy Property Faster

Going through the mortgage application process is a stressful situation. It takes between four to six weeks to complete. The process requires several financial documents and contact with a loan specialist. You hear a lot of legal and financial jargon and attempt to protect your dream home from other buyers.

Second-home buyers are veterans. You’ve been through the process and came out the other side a winner. Ideally, you paid off your home and built equity in the property. This puts you in a favorable position when you seek to purchase another home or refinance home loan

Some parents help their kids and purchase their first home. Others seek to acquire a vacation property or a home to rent. Whatever your reason for returning to the home loan application process, Mortgage House can help.

Mortgage House loan specialists ask the applicant several questions. The Prime Essentials with one year fixed might be a good fit. Or you may need a bridging loan. If you seek to balance your current and new mortgage, we provide options to help you achieve it.

Investors also dive into the second home market. Mortgage House offers viable solutions to those seeking to put together a property portfolio. The Advantage 5 Years Fixed is a good option for some investors. 

Second Home Buyers Conclusion

Mortgage House works with second-home buyers. Our loan specialists find out why you’re interested in a second home. Then they find products that fit your circumstances and goals. Contact our team today.

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