22 May 2022

Mortgage House Commercial Finance: What Do I Need to Know?

Mortgage House commercial finance

Financially savvy individuals can leverage debt in their favor. That’s one reason why they apply for Mortgage House commercial finance. Before applying, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors should know a few things.

The application process is shorter than a mortgage. Nonetheless, it requires just as much financial documentation. Lenders expect that applicants will use the funds to finance a business project. Common projects include:

  • Increase in manufacturing
  • Business growth
  • Hiring more employees

Commercial finance is a short-term solution. Some companies can obtain a favourable rate. Therefore, it makes sense to use debt instead of diving into profits. 

Investors use commercial finance to purchase land and multi-unit properties. Manufacturers use the funds to purchase more raw materials to meet demand from retailers. As a short-term solution and competitive interest rates, funding expansion, growth, and additional purchases make the debt almost free. Companies that can repay the loans promptly incur little to no interest. Ideally, the extra sales from seasonal sales will cover the loan almost immediately. 

When investors purchase properties with interest-only mortgages, they apply the same strategy. They keep their monthly repayments low while investors improve the property. Then, when the repayments increase, they have found a tenant or they have sold it again. 

Mortgage House provides several resources to applicants and clients including our mortgage choice calculators for free and with no strings attached. 

Mortgage House Commercial Finance Conclusion

Mortgage House commercial finance helps investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners fund growth, equipment purchases, and pay startup costs. Contact our lending specialists today.

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