24 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Case-by-Base Assessment Provides the Best Loan Options

The cookie-cutter loan approach to assessing applications worked for a long time. Mortgages hovered around $150,000 and so did home prices. The Australian housing landscape is very different entering 2022. Median home prices range between $600,000 to $1 million. Therefore, mortgages needed to purchase those homes see those amounts too.

Since homebuyers are working to keep up their finances with the market, Mortgage House takes a case-by-case assessment approach to loan applications. Every situation is different, especially since more Australians are becoming self-employed.

The conventional home loan still exists. But the market for non-confirming and specialty loans is growing too.

Mortgage House provides a variety of loans that benefits several home buyer sectors. For example, a small business owner can apply for a low doc loan. Experienced home buyers have access to the second home loan. 

Homeowners can refinance their mortgage with Mortgage House while investors can enjoy the benefits of our interest-only home loan.

Some financial situations benefit from introductory rates. A first-time homebuyer finds that they have to stretch their funds to the max. In addition to paying fees, sending their first mortgage repayment, and placing a down payment, they have to purchase insurance, furnish the home, and move.

Check out our Mortgage House mortgage repayment calculator.

Case-by-Case Assessment Loan Application Conclusion

Mortgage House employs the case-by-case assessment for all loan applications. Individuals who find themselves in unique situations benefit from our Blue Series. To start the application process upload your application or contact our loan specialists today.

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