22 Dec 2021

Mortgage House Blue Series Provides Solutions for Unique Cases

Mortgage House offers three programs for clients who seek a variety of loans. Among them is the Mortgage House Blue Series.

We outline the benefits for your consideration.

Flexibility for Niche Solutions

Investors find opportunities where others don’t see them. Their profits come from getting ahead of the market. In addition, they take risks on projects that can take unexpected turns. 

As a non-bank lender, Mortgage House has the freedom to provide flexibility for niche solutions. Among them is the interest-only loan. Investors can keep their overhead costs low. This gives them enough runway until they sell the property or find tenants. 

Tax-Efficient Considerations

Individuals have pre-tax considerations available to them. It helps them plan for their retirement plan. To make the most of those funds, it’s possible to leverage them into self-managed super funds. Then, invest the funds in a property.

To maximise tax-efficient considerations, it’s best to speak with tax accountants. However, Mortgage House helps individuals obtain financing for property purchases.

Loan Size Considerations

Multi-unit properties, commercial properties, and homes zoned in a commercial area require a larger investment. Mortgage House works with several loan size considerations. We understand that our client’s success helps our success. Therefore, our loan specialists use our proprietary tools to find solutions. 

We also take into account home loan interest rates. Even though a project carries serious risk, Mortgage House finds ways to offer super-low interest rates.

Mortgage House Blue Series Conclusion

Individuals interested in the Mortgage House Blue Series can contact our team of loan specialists to obtain more information. Contact us today.

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