17 Dec 2021

Minimum Living Expenses and Lenders Ratios: An Overview

Living Expenses

Minimum living expenses determine a household’s cost of living. They vary from each household even though they live in the same neighborhood. For example, a single person with no children has the lowest anticipated minimum living expenses. A married individual with children has the highest.

Minimum living expenses include food, clothes, and shelter. Some individuals lead a frugal lifestyle. Others enjoy supporting their luxury tastes. The minimum takes into account average prices for food, clothes, and shelter. Individuals can factor in their car loan, healthcare, and utilities too.

The Australian government has an interest in helping its citizens become homeowners. However, they also place several lending regulations on banks and lenders. Financial institutions must issue responsible mortgages. Every borrower has minimum expenses that they must satisfy, even as a homeowner.

If they can’t pay to travel to work or eat because their mortgage strains their finances, it’s not a good loan.

Research shows that it’s becoming more difficult to become a homeowner in Australia in 2021. This is why Mortgage House has adopted several proprietary tools. Our loan specialists evaluate all applications. Plus, they look for loan terms that fit most financial situations. 

If a homeowner experiences financial hardship, some steps help the homeowner get back on track financially. 

Minimum Living Expenses Conclusion

Lenders take into account a mortgage applicant’s minimum living expenses. Lenders want to ensure that the applicant can still pay them after taking on a home loan. To figure out your mortgage serviceability, contact our Mortgage House loan specialists to discuss your financial situation.

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