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03 Jun 2022

Major non bank home loan provider – Regulated by ASIC

non bank home loan

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates important financial services and companies, such as Mortgage Hose. Although we are not a bank, we do offer various types of lending options for personnel, cars, homes, and businesses. Since this is the case, all of our operations and reports are monitored by the ASIC to keep both borrowers and financial services safe.

Not only does the ASIC regularly monitor companies that offer financial help, but they also give licences to companies so that they are compliant and easier to monitor. Without a major licence, our Mortgage House non-bank home lender could not function or work in the country.

Mortgage House happily listens and abides by the law created by the ASIC. This organisation has been around since 1991 but really took control of financial institutions and regulations nearly a decade later. Mortgage House has a necessary credit licence under the ASIC.

All companies, just like Mortgage House, also need to be registered with the ASIC as they regulate unique services. You should feel at ease when using Mortgage House services as they are heavily regulated, monitored, and licenced by important organisations like the ASIC.

Regulated by ASIC Conclusion

Mortgage House offers many different and unique loans and credit services. Since they are a non-bank lender, this also means that they are registered, monitored, and regulated by the laws of ASIC. If you are interested in taking out a loan with Mortgage House, contact us today! Bundling loans can save you money!

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