12 Jun 2022

I’ve sold my house; what is the next step? – What happens once a house is sold?

sold my house

It is a long and timely process to sell and purchase a home. It can feel like the process is never-ending, but once the house is sold, what’s next? Home sellers don’t have to do a lot once the house is sold. After signing the paperwork, both parties agree to transfer the ownership of the property, meaning it is time for the old owner or house seller to find a new property.

The home that is sold is then registered under a different name, the new homeowners. The home seller, though, has freedom, which Mortgage House can aid in! Previous homeowners looking to purchase a new home should contact a Mortgage House expert to go over lending options. Mortgage House lenders are trustworthy and highly skilled, with many years of experience.

Using their many years of experience, these lenders can find a borrowing rate that is perfect for the home buyer. However, not all home sellers need a new property after they get the money from selling their homes. If this is the case, then there is no true next step!

What Happens Once a House is Sold Conclusion

In this hot Australian housing market, property values have increased. Selling a home now usually allows for additional funds after paying the repayment total. That means that previous homeowners can apply for a new home loan with a large deposit. Mortgage House lenders are here and ready by the phones!

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