11 Jun 2022

I’ve sold my house; what is the next step? – What are the steps after selling a house?

selling a house

Selling your house is a huge step, so what comes next? Typically, selling a house can take as long as a year once the process starts. There is a lot that can happen; however, the Australian housing market is on fire, meaning the process is likely to take less time. So, what are the next steps?

Once you sell your house, it is important to document everything. Keep copies of the paperwork; this way, there are no issues later on if the paperwork or proof of sale is required. Once the papers are placed in a safe area, you can transfer the rights to the new owner. Usually, the day that you sign the papers transferring the ownership, you also give the keys and do one last sweep.

Before you leave your old home, double-check that everything is gone. Of course, not all home sellers have this opportunity as some homebuyers move in immediately into their new homes. When the home is sold, and if you need a new home, it is good to start the budgeting process. Use one of our borrowing calculators on the Mortgage House website to find a borrowing amount that fits your budget and requirements.

Steps after Selling a House Conclusion

After you are done selling your home, there is one last step! Mortgage House lending specialists can happily assist you in finding a new home or bundling different types of loans like car and personal loans.

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